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Property investing success: What does luck have to do with it?

Property investing success: What does luck have to do with it?

by | Jan 1, 2021 | Blog

What makes a good property investor, and how much does luck have to do with it? 

Luck can mean different things to different people. In China, certain numbers are said to be good luck. People will choose to buy or rent apartments because of their number, and avoid ones they feel are bad luck. 

Four leaf clovers, rabbits’ feet, even getting shat on by a bird, have all been said to bring good luck in some cultures.

But can you build or bring good luck to you, and how can that influence your success in property investment?

I believe luck manifests in four different ways and you can learn how to recognise and capitalise in those moments when luck is on your side. 

So, what are the four different kinds of luck?



Ultimately anyone on any particular day can have a good or bad day. Think winning the lottery or getting left a heap of cash by a relative you knew existed. Rare, but it happens.



If you get stuck in, if you work hard, if you put yourself in places where you’re likely to meet people you can learn from, luck will come your way. My parents did this for me when they bought a house in a rich neighbourhood. I grew up with, and learned from, billionaires about how to make money, even though I was the poorest kid on the block. 



This is luck combined with skill. If you’re good at something – your craft, your business, real estate investment – you are much more likely to see opportunity and luck when it presents itself. You can spot deals and solutions and act on them.



If you work hard to achieve success, in business, investment etc, you are putting yourself in a strong position where luck, good fortune and opportunity will present itself to you. Think about big brands who have changed the way we think about things – Nike shoes, Dyson appliances, Apple technology. The leaders in those companies have people presenting great ideas to them every day. Get good at what you do, be the best, and people will bring luck to you. 

In a nutshell, luck comes to people who work hard, spend time with smart people, and create a position in the world for themselves where opportunities can be found.

So, could you spot good luck if it crossed your path today, and would you know what to do?



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