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UPI 111 – How to Win in A Downturn

by | Aug 30, 2022 | Podcasts

Show Notes

Welcome my Urban Property Investors! Downturns is the topic of the day, and as property investors, I want you to know that they are not as scary as many want you to believe them to be! So I’m here to tell you not to worry.

I’ve had my many experiences and stories to the point that I can assure you that if you’re looking for the right components when investing you’ve struck home base.

This episode I will be taking you through my many different strategies and experiences to better off you guys in your investing world. Better listen up, Episode 111 is all dealing with downturns and keeping your sanity so that you don’t get spooked out of a good decision.

5:13 – Pandemic Money Spending

7:55 – Downturns are GREAT for real estate!

16:41 – Biggest Loss I’ve ever seen in australian real estate

27:08 – Don’t wait to invest

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