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UPI 157 – How Land Can Increase Your Wealth?

by | Jul 19, 2023 | Podcasts

Show Notes

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It’s about time we reviewed some predictions of mine about the market since we’ve started this podcast.

How can land increase your wealth and portfolio as a property investor? We dig deep this episode about the types of land, sprawling our cities apart, next up real estate, and much more.

Land can make you serious money if you know what you’re doing. Which is why I’m here with the facts, evidence, and answers. Get investing in the right communities and locations with the guidance of The Urban Property Investor on this bumper episode.

3:05 – The Different Places Within A City

5:30 – Sprawling Our Cities Further Afield

8:22 – New Vs Old Real Estate

27:41 – What Is Next Fill?



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