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UPI 170 – Unpacking The Per Capita Recession

by | Oct 18, 2023 | Podcasts

Show Notes

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It’s about time we reviewed some predictions of mine about the market since we’ve started this podcast.

Find out where our economic world is headed, what the per capita recession means for us going into the future, what basket to put your eggs in to maximise outcomes. 

‘Unpacking The Per Capita Recession’ goes through all aspects of our potential new recession along with potential new pathways to borrowing money. 

Get on top of your portfolio today, by tuning in!

5:12 – Per Capita Recession

12:02 – Invest To Get Ahead

35:41 – Borrowing From The Innovators

42:13 – Wealth Transformation

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Sam Saggers

CEO and Head Property Strategist