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UPI 177 – The Next Dwelling Boom

by | Dec 6, 2023 | Podcasts

Show Notes

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It’s about time we reviewed some predictions of mine about the market since we’ve started this podcast.

Townhomes are becoming increasingly more popular everyday, offering a balance between apartments and single-family homes. What’s not to miss on these types of investments? Where do we seek the best townhomes?

It’s all here on this episode, townhomes are the asset class of 2023 and will be in 2024. Learn and understand the strategies, intricacies, and barriers that are between you and your financial freedom. Tune into episode 177 now!

2:11 – Successfully Investing In Townhomes

5:28 – Rising Popularity In Townhomes

17:03 – Matching The Ideal Household For Today

20:58 – Space For Place

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