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UPI 181 – The 4X Growth Plan

by | Dec 18, 2023 | Podcasts

Show Notes

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It’s about time we reviewed some predictions of mine about the market since we’ve started this podcast.

As a part of the year wrapping up, we are replaying classic episodes as a part of our property investment essentials series. All of which are lessons on real estate you can’t miss!

It’s time to get into the really nitty gritty of cracking the code to real estate riches. On this episode I reveal my 4X Growth Plan that I use for every single investment I make. I discuss cash on cash return and various strategies to create growth – from duplexes, amalgamations, renovating, buying off the plan, knockdown rebuilds, and more.

3:38 – The Nasty Side of Real Estate
5:40 – The 4X Growth Plan
7:28 – Real Estate’s Doubling Rate
7:55 – Cash on cash return
10:33 Here is the value bomb
12:05 – When Cash on Cash return is Fools Gold
14:38 – Creating $200k in a flat market
16:45 – Flipping real estate is not for me
18:33 – People getting obsessed with instant money
21:24 – Duplex Investing 101
23:15 – Amalgamation Investing
26:41 – Downsizing and my pet hates
28:59 – Renovating Strategies
34:10 – Knockdown Rebuild Strategy
39:00 – Buying off the plan Strategy
46:30 – Armchair Developing
50:30 – What my portfolio looks like

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Sam Saggers

CEO and Head Property Strategist