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UPI 29 – The 10 Ingredients of Real Estate Wealth

by | Feb 3, 2021 | Podcasts

Show notes

This episode is like the home cooking show of real estate wealth! I’ve got 10 ingredients to put into this recipe that generates wealth – when you follow the recipe of course. 


Check yourself against each of the 10 ingredients – and make sure you include the ones you aren’t using at the moment. 




4:19 – People are undercapitalized 

7:04 – Wealth is about proximity 

8:55 – The types of biases

16:43 – Capital moves quick

19:45 – Most people are under leveraged 

22:39 – Knowing the cycles of real estate

24:24 – Why I love long-term investment 

26:00 – Diversification

31:18 – Sheep syndrome 

34:49 – How to end up in your dream home

40:05 – Why I’m a contrarian 


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