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UPI 45 – How To Futureproof Your Portfolio

by | May 26, 2021 | Podcasts

Show notes

The real estate market is going up everywhere which is great if you own real estate, but a challenge if you are trying to buy. So this episode is about how to future-proof what you are trying to do if you are buying real estate. We are looking at different real estate trends and how you can use them to future-proof your investments. 


On this episode – 

10:10 – Why you shouldn’t lose sight of the 20 minute lifestyle even with more people working from home 

13:32 – Increasing the value of your property with contemporary mixed-use real estate 

22:48 – Evolutionary real estate and what your investments need in order to stand the test of time 

25:38 – What real estate investors need to know about the millennial generation 

34:55 – The pillars to being future-ready in real estate 

37:26 – Investing in the tenets that are going to bring you income for the long-term 

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