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UPI 69 – The Secret to Long Term Investing (and how I lost $2million)

by | Nov 10, 2021 | Podcasts

Over a seven year journey I estimate that I lost $2 million. The reason is because I didn’t stick to my investing strategy. What is the reason you invest in property? Too many people move through their investment journey without knowing the answer to this question. I personally have invested in real estate using 22 different strategies, and now I know what works for me and many others. Take it from me – you can’t count on just figuring it out as you go, you actually have to sit down and think about it. This is a raw and big conversation on what it takes to create long term wealth. 

On this episode I discuss – 

15:21 – My $2 million mistake 

19:00 – The #1 secret to investment success 

29:19 – The cost of skipping the long game 

33:21 – What it really looks like to play the long game 

38:44 – Three ways to generate cash 

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