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UPI 102 – How to Create Equity

by | Jun 29, 2022 | Podcasts

Show Notes

On episode 102 of Urban Property Investor we are farming. How do we farm equity? How do you develop properties? How do you kickstart your financial independence? All these red hot questions and more get answered on this episode.

I also share some stories that won’t necessarily add context or value to your investing journey! But I think their interesting and worth a mention on this episode. From falling out of trees to climbing 8 storeys for love, full Rapunzel style, is there anything this episode doesn’t include?

I discuss – 

7:34 – How to kickstart your financial freedom

20:06 – Using other people’s time, money and designs

45:52 – Developing is like orange juice

53:58 – Real estate wealth is simple!

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