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It’s the question on every investor’s mind – ‘Will property continue to grow in 2021?’

Will Australian property continue to grow in 2021?

by | Jan 22, 2021 | Blog

It’s the question on every investor’s mind – ‘Will property continue to grow in 2021?’

With our global economy still adapting from the fallout of COVID-19, it’s evident that we’re not out of the woods yet. It’s a good time to take stock and assess which investments will be viable going into 2021. Will property continue to grow as it has done so in previous years? 

The answer is yes, and this is how we know.



Buyers are starting to pay over the reserve at auction and clearance rates are creeping up. Why is this a sign that real estate will continue to grow and be a smart investment choice? Because demand is back. People are looking around and seeing the opportunities that COVID-19 has surprisingly thrown up and they’re grabbing those opportunities. If you’re shaking your head right now and can’t see the unexpected positives of the pandemic from the perspective of property investment, you’re about to learn something. 



Low interest-rates and freely available credit means that more of us are able to get into the property market than ever before. Being able to afford to borrow will make real estate investment an option for those who it may have been out of reach for before COVID-19. Even if the property you want to buy hasn’t dropped in price, the rates have, so it’s suddenly a viable option.



Hundreds of billions of dollars that was earmarked for things like improving transport systems and other big-build infrastructure plans, is now being redirected straight into your pocket. This is going to come in the form of unprecedented tax deductions, borrowing incentives, grants, business relief and more. Identifying what you can claim, borrow or use to invest into property will enable you to get a head start at a lower cost.



As we look ahead, the key to property investment, no matter what else the global pandemic might throw at us, is to keep finding opportunities to create wealth, increase your cash flow and become a money magnet.

You can do this by staying on top of what is available to you in terms of interest-rates, grants and deductions and continually monitoring the real estate market to identify the right investment opportunity for you. 

For investors, 2021 could not be a better year to maximise your potential in real estate. 

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Sam Saggers

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